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Local expert guide



Explore the cities through the eyes of a local, discovering parts privy to local knowledge. Get insights into the cities’ rich culture and history along the way, plus insider travel tips to enhance your trip. We can help to see the city through a local lens.

Living like a local is a genuine way to be up-close and personal with your destination and actively engage in the local lifestyle. 

Making like a local in your home away from home does not mean that you give up being a tourist. Rather, the live like a local travel lifestyle broadens your adventure by going beyond tourist activities to enjoy travel experiences that are truly authentic and deeply immersive, resulting in unforgettable, sometimes life-changing, memories.  

To enjoy your destination like a local, at the top of the list for getting to know your neighbourhood shops and eateries, is to pick a coffee shop or outdoor café for that first coffee or crusty sandwich of the day,  it may be as close as the patisserie right below your apartment.  Frequenting a local favourite restaurant, leads eventually to friendly banter with locals and store vendors who will inevitably give you their best tips on what to see, where to shop, and where to eat in their hometown.

So, why not to living like a local? Of course, we’re here to help with everything you may need.

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