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Splendom Housing Claudio Coello


Jewelry, footwear, clothing, and accessories stores, all in the center of Madrid. If you walk through the streets Ortega y Gasset, Velázquez, Serrano, Lagasca, Ayala, and Claudio Coello, you will find some of the most prestigious local and international shops, as well as some of the coolest restaurants in the capital. You will also find antiques and art galleries. This is the Salamanca neighborhood, where the Housing Claudio Coello is located, apartments with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms.


Fully equipped apartments, with a sensational kitchen, with almost 130sqm, spacious rooms, and a beautiful living room, with classic moldings and a cinema-style television screen, to enjoy like in the cinema.

Feel like at home

Staying in these apartments, one feels and lives the neighborhood like a local. The apartments decorated by and for local people, make the stay unforgettable, in the center of the coolest neighborhood in Madrid.

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