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Splendom Puerta Real

Modern space

Built with top quality materials and a modern design. With a fully equipped kitchen (with washing machine as well), living room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms per apartment that can accommodate up to six people per apartment. All the comforts of a hotel in Cartagena and much more for you to enjoy your stay.

In the city center

Whether you want tranquillity and relaxation looking at the beautiful views of Cartagena, its port and its nature ,from a jacuzzi at the top of the building or if you prefer to enjoy the centre of Cartagena in all its splendour. The Splendom Puerta Real accommodations are the best option.

Fully equipped

Some of the apartments also have a private terrace with a jacuzzi, perfect to relax watching a wonderful sunset. Apartments with air conditioning, heating, audiovisual equipment and TV, and kids TV channels. The property has private parking and an elevator.

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